I am always happy to discuss commissions for work. I do not currently maintain a stock of my own instruments. The sample of instruments shown here highlight some of the models of violins and violas that I have built.

Violin, Colin Skofield, 2009

Sold. A full size violin that was built from the Stradivari “PG” mould of 1689. The wood and red brown oil varnish has been antiqued in the style of a historical instrument. Antiquing an instrument is time consuming work for the luthier, but an handsome alternative for the player who desires a soft and aged… Continue reading Violin, Colin Skofield, 2009

Violin, Colin Skofield, 2005

Sold. Another full size model based on the Stradivari “PG” mould. Lustrous golden-orange oil varnish and European tonewood.  359mm.    

Viola, Colin Skofield, 2005

Sold. Based on the Stradivari “Archinto” of 1696. This viola model is an early example of the ten or so extant violas from the Cremonese master. The original instrument has been played by Yuri Bashmet and Maxim Vengerov, among others. My viola measures a comfortable 16 1/4 inches, and uses North American tonewood. It has… Continue reading Viola, Colin Skofield, 2005